CCMold - Surface Treatment for Plastic Moulsing

Through individually constructed coatings customised for different applications and challenges, Metal Coating dramatically improves the performance of your injection moulding tools and the quality of the products.


  • Multiple prolonged tool life
  • Prevention of oil/graphite lubrication
  • Better demoulding
  • Easier cleaning
  • Shortened cycle times
  • Minimized down times
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Clearly improvement in the quality of the moulded parts
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Optimal utilization of resources
  • Increased value creation time for machines


  • Adhesive wear
  • Abrasive wear
  • Corrosion
  • Sticking of plastics
  • Frequent cleaning of the tools
Coating TypeDescriptionColour
HYPERLOXExtremely hard coating, for hardened steel subjected to severe abrasive wear, erosion and gallingBluish-black


Hard coating for protection of low temperature annealed steel against abrasive wear and erosion

HyperSlip TANHard wear resistant coating for hardened steel – improves demoulding and reduces deposits of certain types of plasticsBluish-black
CrNUniversal wear protection, also for softer tool materials such as soft steel, copper- and aluminium alloysSilver-grey
HyperSlip CrNProtective coating, also for soft tool materials – improves demoulding and reduces deposits of certain types of plastics – well suited for highly polished surfacesSilver-grey
PureCrCompact coating for wear and corrosion protection – an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hard chrome, but without rounding of the edges and without postprocessingSilver
HyperSlip PureCr

Dense wear and corrosion resistant coating – improves demoulding and reduces deposits of certain types of plastics

DLCVery hard coating for dry lubrication against adhesive wear and galling – for all moving and sliding parts like ejectors, steering pins and slidesBlack
CorrectWear-resistant coating for dimension correction of selected tools areas – can be made in controllably extra thick layers, up to 40 µmSilver-grey

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